We help companies looking to upgrade or outsource their customer service find the PERFECT partner for their needs without the financial, operational, or time risk.

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“I met Emily while working at Sprint as the Head of Sourcing. Emily and team helped evaluate 20 of our outsourcing vendors (approximately 20K seats). I oversaw a team of over 500, managing $1 billion in inventory, $12+ billion in sourceable spending, and $2.5 billion in annual expenses. In working with Emily, she has become a trusted advisor and is an unwavering professional.”
Mariano Legaz - Citi Bank

“We have worked with Optivity Now and Emily for many years. They helped us select a strategic consulting firm, several contact center technology solutions, and our outsourcer. Our business is complex, and our leadership team was inexperienced in taking it to the next level. We had an excess of millions of monthly calls and appointments necessary for our business growth. It's been nice to lean on a partner we can count on that cares about our success as much as we do. Emily is vastly knowledgeable in the industry, and there was no task at hand that she does not have a possible solution to solve for it.”
Stacy Rabalais Adams, Sunpro Solar Energy

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